The skincare war: natural or chemical-based products?

When it comes to choosing skincare products, there’s only two conditions; it either helps to improve your skin or results in vice versa. How wonderful the world is, if what works for thousands works for you too, isn’t it? Unfortunately,  majority of us tend to try out the new skincare line that are usually popular and top-search results suggestions based on our skin issues. The truth is, not all skincare products with ingredients such as Vitamin C, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxides tolerate well with your skin profiles.  

When you’re using a skin care product that isn’t solving your skin problem, but making it  worse instead, it can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Am I using the right skincare? In this situation, we totally understand your feelings! Lately, thousands of new skincare products have saturated the global skincare markets.  All this has sparked multiple responses and these phenomena, seems to be some sort of ingredient war between the skincare related products. 

Well, the good news, there’s always a lot of options on skincare products these days; be it either from chemical or natural ingredients. The question here is, are natural ingredients formulation offers better results than chemical-based compounds? When we talk about natural ingredients here, we are referring to the stabilized version, not the home remedies! Most importantly, do not try to use the homemade remedies at home like what suggested by many youtubers and tiktok videos. (Please! Please don’t). Yes! We admit that according to research, natural ingredients deliver countless benefits in terms of nutrients and vitamins.

But these benefits of raw natural ingredients such as coconut oil, are beneficial to your body and skin if it is consumed orally. When it comes to your skincare or anything that needs to put it on the skin, the natural ingredients are required to be in more stabilized form and pH to deliver its maximum nutrients. Some natural oils such as unfiltered coconut oil might not be suitable to be applied directly on skin!

Hence, this is why we better opted for those available skincare products in the market with natural ingredients rather than the raw one, which easily found in your home kitchen. Past and current researches had evidence that natural skincare products, particularly the essential oils offer numerous benefits to your skin! Talk about oils, be extra careful on what types of oils that you are putting on your skin. The general guideline is to make sure the ingredients list contains non-comedogenic oils, which does not lead to pore clogging! As we know, clogged pores resulted in other serious skin problems such as acne, blackheads formation and others.

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Lots of research has shown that natural skin care products improved skin tone, texture, and appearance, apart from delivering nutrients that are necessary for a healthier skin. The most interesting part is that, the antioxidant capacity, pigmentation inhibition, antibacterial and antimicrobial activities would also help to cure specific skin problems. Because of this, essential oils extracts are primarily added to the skincare formulations which can be beneficial for attenuation and prevention of various skin conditions.  The point here is, we are not saying that chemical-based skincare is bad for your skin.NO! 

Both has its own pros and cons. We admit that chemical-based ingredients often provide faster absorption, lightweight and great in textures. But somehow, due to its smaller particles , there are some chemical based ingredients  lead to bad reaction , particularly those with sensitive skin. Whilst, according to research, there are some essential oil can also lead to allergies such as tea tree oils, ylang ylang, lemongrass oil, Sandalwood oil, Clove oil and Jasmine absolute oil.

Hence, the best is to seek for skincare formulated with natural oils that are safe to be use on skin. After all, our main goal is to go for skincare ingredients that promises us those flawless skin, while solving the skin issues. But somehow, flawless itself does not indicates healthier skin. The question is, how can I achieve my skin goals in a healthier way? 

The bottom line is, where you’re opted for either chemical based ingredients or natural based , make sure it does not cause any allergies or bad reaction to your skin! And please consider the percentages of active ingredients as well!

We’re not done yet with this! Find our next articles on which types of oils that offer you more healthy and glowing skin!

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