Nodular Acne : What Is It and The Effective Treatment to Overcome.

Does nodular acne go away? How long does it take to get rid of it? All of these are part of the common questions asked among inflamed acne sufferers. In fact, untreated blackheads or whiteheads issues , for a certain time can also lead to more serious acne. Unlike other acne types, inflamed acne categories may lead to more serious psychological issues such as depression, low self-confidence and poor self-images.

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Nodular acne may lead to serious psychological issues

This is due to the fact that nodular acne does not simply get rid by itself using only the skincare products as treatment. Nodular acne requires around three to four months of treatment before you start to see any real improvement in your skin. Moreover, this type of acne also requires certain medication prescribed by dermatologists or doctors.

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Nodular acne requires around 3 to 4 months treatment before you see the results

Sometimes you may wonder why certain people developed more severe acne than the others. Surprisingly, dermatologist also seem unsure on why certain people may develop serious acne issues such as nodular, and why some people are having just milder acne.

What is actually nodular acne? Nodular acne is a severe form of acne that causes large, inflamed, and painful breakouts called acne nodules.

It normally appears larger and more serious than a typical pimple and affects deeper layers of the skin. It is when P. acne bacteria turn into an infection when it gets trapped in your pores together with sebum and dead skin cells. The resulting infection can go deep underneath your skin, causing the affected pores to become red and swollen.

Example of nodular acne

So, what should I do if I have this kind of acne? Because it involves infection deep underneath the skin, hence it cannot be treated with over the counter (OTC) alone. Here are several treatment available depending on how severe your nodule acne is :

1.Oral antibiotics

      The inflammation of nodular acne may link to too much p. acne bacteria on your skin. You might notice that acne nodules keep coming back after treatment, or the nodules might be widespread all over your body. In this case, oral antibiotic to help clear up excess bacteria, so that the bacteria don’t get trapped under your pores and developed as nodular acne. Antibiotics helps to reduce the painful inflammation associated with nodule acne.

2. Isotretinoin (Accutane)

This vitamin A derivative is used to treat severe and majority of nodulocystic and inflammatory acne. According to British Association of Dermatologists, about 90% of those who took Accutane is found to significantly reduce nodular acne, and the only medication with the potential to suppress acne over the long term, even though , there are several side effects in the short term. Hence, the Food Drug Administration has strictly warned that this type of medication can only be taken under doctor’s prescription.

Research shows that Accutane had cause several side effects

3.Other types of medication

Other types of medication for nodular acne include prescription on higher strength of benzoyl peroxide, which is much more concentrated available in drugstores. Other than benzoyl peroxide, the high strength of salicylic acid is another option that your doctors may prescribe to dry out the dead skin cell and excess oil trapped in the nodule. 

Due to its adverse side effects that it may cause, including fetal abnormalities, pregnant women should seek further advice for these types of medication from your doctors. Apart from that, do not forget to focus on the right skincare products and observe on certain food intake to overcome the nodular acne issues. 

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