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BEE Research (Botanical Emollient for Eczema)

About BEE Research


The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a new therapy: non steroidal botanical preparation for antiinflammatory, antibacterial and skin moisturizing effect on the skin of atopic dermatitis patients ages 0-12 years old.


We design and conduct research study that address questions raised by doctors and patients, to ensure that our research has a direct impact on clinical practice.




The research is planned to run from September 2020 to June 2021



This research is funded by


Meet the team

(buat gambar dalam bulatan for each researcher and describe position masing2). So far ada 4 orang


Research question

“What is the best botanical extract to moisturize eczematous skin?”


Participant/ Recruitment


BEE Research aims to answer this question by recruiting ?? children with eczema aged 0 to 12 years old


Recruitment is done

  1. online via website &
  2. Offline via participating hospitals, clinics and pharmacies


All participant will start with SST product range and escalate to other botanical formulation if needed.


The main outcomes will be recorded using

  1. Patient reported: using PO-Scorad
  2. Researcher-collected using Scorad


Frequency of administation is weekly for 4 weeks, fortnightly for 4 weeks and monthly thereafter


Private Clinic and Pharmacy


The results of this study will provide important information regarding botanical emollient considered most acceptable and effective, to allow GPs and patients to make well informed decisions when deciding which moisturiser to prescribe to patients.


We are recruiting children to the study via research-active hospital and clinics in Malaysia.  If your child is potentially eligible, please inform the clinic. You should receive an e-invitation letter through the post.


As practices come on-board their names will be added to the list – so if your clinic isn’t on there yet, please contact us to participate in this study


BEE is a research study that will change the way childhood eczema is treated in the setting where natural and botanical based treatment become the treatment of choice. It aims to come out with evidence-based suggestions on the most acceptable and effective botanical emollients to treat childhood eczema.


Eczema is a multifactorial condition. Although moisturisers are the main treatment for eczema, a well-rounded emollients which also addresses the issue of bacterial skin colonization, ongoing skin inflammation and skin barrier repair will result in better long term outcome. However as chemical based emollients are increasingly causing more irritation in already-sensitive eczema skin, botanical based emollients are much preferred.


Until now, very little large-scale research has been done to identify which botanical oil or extract are the most effective and acceptable to use to make an effective moisturiser for eczema patients. Patients often resort to homemade moisturisers made using natural butter, wax, essential oils and botanical extracts.


BEE aims to identify which botanical moisturisers are more effective and acceptable in treating eczema in children, to provide GPs and patients with more reliable information about which is best for controlling eczema using botanical products.


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