Lavender Essential Face Oil for Acne Scars

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Categories: NATURAL SKINCARE;Anti-Acne & Oily Skincare
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Product Description : 

Aging is not only a sign of cumulative damage to our skin but also our self-esteem. Luckily, you can now age gracefully too, by using Mary Jardin’s Lavender Garden Luxury Handcrafted Face Oil. The anti-acne properties of our soap comes from the anti-inflammatory attribute of the selection of oils.

The Lavender Essential Face Oil for Acne Scars is among our bestseller items since 2016 ! This must have item, the all time favourite face oil is formulated from 100% natural botanical oils to deeply nourish dry skin, reduces acne scars apperance and restore the youthful glow. You will fall in love with just the first drop.


Size:  10ml

Skin type: Sensitive skin, Oily and combination skin 

Skin concern: Dull, uneven skin tone, acne, and acne scars 



  • Fight inflamed acne, blackheads, and whiteheads 
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Skin barrier repair 
  • Provide extra moisture for dull skin
  • Calm redness and resolve uneven skin tone 
  • Brighter skin complexion  
  • 99% natural & organic, never tested on animals. 


How to use: 

For oily/combination skin:  Double cleansing: Use two drops of Luxury Face Oil on dry face and massage gently using clean and dry hands about 10 minutes to enhance absorption. Soak a clean face towel in warm water, and pat dry your face gently! You’ll be surprised to see all the unwanted dirt and blackheads are gently removed from the skin! Clean your face, as usual, using Lavender Oat Soap cleanser. 

For dry/sensitive skin: Use two drops of Luxury Face Oil on face and massage gently to enhance the absorption.  Use it as the second step in your AM skincare routine after cleansing your face. Can also be used as a makeup remover!


Key ingredients: Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil,Lavender Essential Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil.


Products Ingredients:  Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, filtered Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Customer Reviews

Zuraida bte mohd jono - 28-08-2023 08:44:38
Alhamdulillah serasi dengan kulit saya. Saya guna sebagai pelembap di muka, FO ni bantu untuk atasi kulit kering yang mengelupas.
Hanin Dzulkifli - 15-07-2023 22:21:46
suka pakai face oil ni. multipurpose. multifungsi. guna utk lembapkan muka boleh, cuci cara double cleaning boleh, rawat luka anak boleh, redakan ruam boleh, redakan gatal gigit nyamuk boleh. semua pon sapu face oil. dh mcm minyak cap kapak 😆 tp versi natural yg lebih elok.
Azlinda bt Mohd Hosaini - 17-06-2023 09:23:32
Saya & ahli keluarga & bertahun tahun pkai produk ni..malas nk cakap...mmg x pernah tukar produk lain..mmg sgt mmbantu esp kulit berjerawat, kecutkan sgl bentuk jerawat, pori lebih tertutup & mencantikkan make up
rabiatul arda - 27-03-2023 20:25:39
Favourite Skincare saya. Pelbagai guna boleh buat double cleansing, pelembap dan massage wajah pun boleh. Super love it!
Rodziah Romli - 24-02-2023 15:01:12
this face oil moisturizing my skin & help reduce acne scar
Noorsaliny Nazri - 01-02-2023 09:27:08
Love it. I added it to my existing facial carw regime. Use it mainly for double cleansing. My daughter commented that my face looks glowing after couple times of use. My 12yo son had small ezcema pathes on his face due to reaction to heat and dust. Taught him to do double cleanse using the face oil and calendula facial wash. His skin healed after 3 weeks. Alhamdulillah
Zuraida bte mohd jono - 03-09-2022 13:33:33
Lavender Essential Face Oil yang berkualiti, macam magic potion dan harga mampu milik face oil seumpama beli face oil dari buatan luar negara. It' MADE IN MALAYSIA GUYS!
Zawiyah Zainal - 30-08-2022 12:24:30
First order utk anak yg remaja muka berjerawat. Telah cuba pakai bersama cleanser cetaphil. Alhamdulillah muka anak makin bersih 🥰👍

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