5 Signs Your Skin Barrier is Damaging and Tips to Overcome!

In some situations, we tend to pay less attention to the skin barrier condition, until we start to realize that something is not right with our skin condition.  Redness, flaky, inflamed, and stinging feelings are among the signs of skin barrier damages. Now, why is it important? Your skin barrier helps to keep the body from harsh environmental toxins and pathogens, which could potentially penetrate into your body and cause damage. Hence, let’s find out below

5 signs your skin barrier is damaging!

1. Disruption of “acid mantle

Our skin is made up of several layers, where each of the layers plays an important function to protect the body. The outer layer known as the stratum corneum is also known as the ‘brick wall’. This layer consists of tough skin cells called corneocytes that are bound together by mortar-like lipids. The moisturizer barrier or “acid mantle” is located inside the skin cell, which is also known as the skin barrier. Unbalanced skin pH leads to an imbalance of skin acid mantle.

The skin barrier protects us from harmful bacteria and pathogens.

2. Dry and flaky skin

According to Dr. Shari Marchbein, NY board-certified dermatologist, “If the outermost layer of the epidermis (the stratum corneum) doesn’t contain adequate water, the skin will lose bounciness and appear dry, rough, and flaky”.

Moreover, the skin acidity creates a “shield” against the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could damage your skin and cause infections and other skin conditions. Hence, the stronger your skin barrier is, the more likely your body is protected from being threatened by the harmful toxic environment.  

3. Dehydrated and dull skin.

Dehydrated skin usually can be caused by several factors such as environmental factors, skincare routine, and age cycle. Environmental factors include dry, hot weather conditions and certain chemicals which can cause your skin to dry out. Most of the time, people always get confused between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a skin condition with lack of oil content. Meanwhile, dehydrated skin is when the skin experience lack of water content.

This photo shows what 28 years of sun damage does to your face | The  Independent | The Independent
Sunburn cause damaged to the skin barrier (left side)

Hence, people with oily skin can also experience dehydrated skin issues. Dr. Shari Marchbein, said “Dehydrated skin is unable to maintain an appropriate intact skin barrier, leaving the skin more exposed to damage from external/environmental sources”

4. Rosacea, eczema, and acne

Rosacea, eczema, and acne are among skin barrier damages. Stinging, redness, and itchiness are among the signs of eczema and rosacea skin condition. Meanwhile, acne is caused by bacteria, dead skin cells, and overactive sebum that clogged the pores. According to Dr. Cheryl Karcher, NY MD, “If your pH balance is off and it’s too alkaline, your skin is going to look flaky and red. If it’s too acidic, you’ll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Rosacea: Treatments, types, causes, and symptoms
Rosacea is one of the serious skin barrier damage symptoms

Research shows that various factors of eczema skin condition include family history, weakness of leaky gut, environmental factors, allergen towards certain chemical ingredients and others.

5. Pigmentation and uneven skin tone

Pigmented and uneven skin tone conditions generally happened due to several reasons of UV radiation exposure, (exposure to the sun), not wearing moisturizer, and being allergic to harsh skincare ingredients.  Hence, wearing sunscreen is important regardless of whatever skin type and color you are to protect the skin from damages.

Apart from skin barrier damages, pigmentation decrease self-confidence

Hence, a simple tip to overcome the skin barrier damage is by keeping the basic skincare as part of your daily routine. Using the right cleanser with low pH, consistently wearing your moisturizer and sunscreen significantly helps to improve your skin barrier.

Sunscreen time! - Healthy Kids Running Series
Wearing sunscreen is important to keep your skin from UV damages

Keeping the basic skincare is essential before adding up other skincare products such as serum, toner, or exfoliator.  

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